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2012 Fixtures

Jan 8thDunheved6.00am
Jan 29thFox Hills7.20am
(Qualifying M/P)
Feb 19thWentworth Falls7.00am
Mar 4thLeonay6.30am
(1st M/P)
Mar 25thRum Corp6.30am
(1st Round Champ)
Apr 22ndGross River7.30am
(Ted Taylor Ambrose)
May 20thFairfield7.00am
(2nd Round Champ)
(2nd M/P)
Jun 17thMarsden Park6.30am
(Novelty Day)
Jul 8thGross River7.30am
(Ted Taylor Ambrose)
JulTrip Away
(John Barton Trophy)
Aug 19thRosnay6.35am
(3rd M/P)
Sep 30thDunheved6.25am
(Bidwill Cup)
Oct 28thFox Hills6.05am
(Final M/P)
Nov 18thLeonay6.00am
(Final Champ)

4 carts are booked
So PLEASE turn up!
The carts are for members only ...








Ring the handicapper in most situations.

Handicapper Doug B. 04 1218 5677

If you are from a golf course that needs to check a booking (or to make us an offer) contact the Coordinator (via phone or email).
(in case you're reading this somewhere else )

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